Understanding Personal Injury Law

Author: Jessica Whitton

Most people are favorably disposed to contacting a lawyer following the subsistence of  panic and identification of injuries from an accident. In a situation where someone else’s carelessness causes an accident, it is advisable to contact a lawyer or file a lawsuit. Problems arise however when the majority of people do not have the right information or are still confused about litigations related to personal injury.

As a result, people make mistakes by consulting a lawyer when it is not necessary, while others, without the proper knowledge of personal injury law decide to take care of it themselves thereby losing significant time and resources for another person’s deliberate actions or carelessness.

It is important for every citizen to be knowledgeable on the laws which protect their rights as well as their interactions and activities with people in every situation. This article aims to clear up misunderstandings of personal injury law caused by the use of technical jargon across the internet for non professionals.

What Is The Meaning of ‘Personal Injury’ Law?

A Personal injury case can be filed when two or more people are involved in an accident or any form of physical or emotional harm whereby one or more people are responsible for the cause of the mishap due to their negligence, carelessness or deliberate conduct.

In such a situation, the formalization of a personal injury case can commence through civil court proceedings. The motive for filing the case is to provide the court with all the relevant facts to make a judgement on responsibility, and order the right punishment. There is also the possibility of resolving accident disputes through informal settlement.

A detailed understanding of the evidence to look for, the procedure and relevant terms in personal injury law will enable the victim or their relatives to know the right action to take. Therefore, the meaning of terms like ‘statute of limitations’ should be known.

This is simply the time it takes the plaintiff to take action upon discovering an injury and instigating a legal process. The statute of limitation varies from state to state due to their specific laws. There are no stiff rules regarding judgements when it comes to personal injury law as they can be delivered through unanimous court or panel decisions

Different Categories Of Personal Injury Law

Personal injury law is an aspect of the civil law that covers different area and scenarios we may encounter in our day-to-day activities. It is important for you to understand the areas covered by the personal injury law in order to know the right action to take when confronted by such situations.

Slip And Fall

It is the responsibilities of managers or owners of a business or living area to ensure that the property or design of the building is done in a way that people can go about their business without incurring any harm. If there are slips or falls in a business or living environment and it is identified that the accident occurred because the area is unsafe or items are unkempt, then the owner/manager should be responsible for footing the bill of the victim(s) and compensate them satisfactorily, or a personal injury case will be filled

Car Accidents

When the carelessness or irresponsibility of a driver causes an accident due to driving under the influence of alcohol, speeding, cell phone use while driving, is identified as the cause of an accident which injured an innocent bystander or another driver, an auto accident lawyer should be used to ensure that the victims are adequately compensated

Workplace Injury

If, as a result of an unsafe workplace, faulty equipment or supplies a worker or an employee of an establishment gets injured during the cause of his work, the employer should be held responsible for taking care of the injured party and adequately compensate them according to the state’s personal injury laws

Personal Injury Case In Medical Profession

A personal injury case can be instituted when a medical professional’s irresponsible, careless or neglect consequently results in the harm or death of a patient. It is expected, according to the personal injury law of the state that the medical practitioner should adequately compensate the family of the victim.

If you encounter any of the above-mentioned situations, it is best you consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer. If the injury is not severe and you wish to negotiate with the victim, there is an informal settlement option done without consulting a legal practitioner.