Is Your Elderly Loved One at Risk for a Car Accident?

Author: Corey Leifer

In 2009 alone, there were more than 33 million licensed drivers in the U.S. that were over the age of 65. This represents a 23% increase from the total number of senior drivers in 1999. With the general life expectancy increasing all over the country, the total number of elderly motorists is continuing to go up, which means the number of senior drivers involved in accidents is also going up.
While there are studies that have shown continuing to drive helps senior adults remain mobile and feel more independent, it also puts them at higher risk for being involved in a car accident. Studies have proven over and over again that the risk of suffering an injury or being killed in an auto accident goes up as a person reaches a certain age. In fact, according to information from the CDC, an average of 500 senior adults are injured every day in the U.S. because of a car accident.

Contributing Factors to Increased Senior Car Accidents

This increase in risk is unfortunate; however, it is also understandable since seniors experience a reduction in cognitive function and vision as they age. There may also be physical changes related to a person’s age that can affect their ability to drive safely. In fact, some studies have shown that older drivers are at a higher risk of being involved in an accident than teenagers after they reach the age of 75.

Is Your Senior Loved One the Victim?

Regardless of who is involved in car accidents, it is important to hire a personal injury attorney for help. They can represent your elderly loved one and protect their rights. The fact is, these lawyers understand the unique risks that seniors face when they are behind the wheel.

In addition to utilizing the services of an attorney, it is a good idea for the family members of the senior encourage them to avoid driving when conditions are especially dangerous on the roads, such as during rush hour and at night.

If a senior is a victim of a car accident, is injured or suffers damages to their vehicle, it is essential to retain legal representation. Most attorneys provide free consultations for these types of cases. Reach out to an experienced Boca Raton car accident lawyer for legal advice.

Did Your Senior Loved One Cause the Accident?

If a senior is responsible for the accident where you were injured, you need to ensure to invest in a detailed and thorough investigation to show the extent of the driver’s impairment, as well as the decline in their cognitive ability, hearing, reflexes and vision. Proving these things can help the injured party in recovering the compensation that is deserved for the injuries and damages they suffered.

Keeping everyone on the roads safe takes effort. There are driver safety programs that are specifically designed for the elderly and something that family members should encourage. If you have a senior loved one who is involved in a car accident, regardless of if it is their fault or not, they should contact Leifer Law Firm for help and information.